BlackDice was born out of a personal struggle and a desire to protect

We deliver digital safety and data intelligence, vigilantly monitoring device behaviour and threats around the clock

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Growing up digital, today's kids are surrounded by gadgets - smartphones, tablets, social media - and parents face the daunting task of balancing this new reality.

Our founder, Paul Hague, knows this all too well. Fuelled by his own parenting journey, he created BlackDice to change the game in cyber—giving control back to individuals and businesses through their telecom provider.

Our purpose

We exist to build trust in a connected world. We believe that individuals, families and businesses deserve to have safe, secure and privacy-preserving interactions within the digital world

Our vision

We envision a future where everyone can work, play, and be entertained with confidence. A world where individuals, businesses, and communities can fully embrace the opportunities of a connected society, knowing that their digital assets are safeguarded, and their privacy respected

Our mission

By 2030, there’ll be over 50 billion potentially vulnerable devices in use globally. We’re here to change that. We’ll be the leading product innovator, continuously pushing the boundaries of cyber solutions, that are easy to use, accessible and available to everyone through our partners

Meet the team

Our team is united by our shared mission, developing innovative cybersecurity and data intelligence technology that’s easy to use, accessible and available to everyone.

In doing so, we’ll protect over 50 billion devices and millions of users globally.

So, come and meet the people behind BlackDice. Each one of us brings a unique blend of expertise, creativity, and passion to the table. From our tech-savvy engineers to our strategic visionaries, we're all driven by the challenges of the digital age.

Left to right: Paul Hague (CEO), Dammy Onakade (Product Delivery Manager), Mark Mullings (CGO), Rachael Simpson (Marketing Consultant), Ross Leggott (Apprentice Software Tester), Paul Jenkins (CISO), Annie Huntley (Office Manager), Umair Manzoor (Mobile App Developer), Mark O’Neill (CTO), Ajay Sassan (Apprentice Software Developer), Campbell Ferrier (CRO), Sarah Hague (COO), Isaac Hague (Apprentice Software Developer)

We’re securing your digital footprint, one byte at a time

Who we work with

By partnering with telecom operators, managed service providers and hardware vendors, we’re pioneering a safer digital future for everyone - on any device, on any network, in any location

Our AI-powered technology with advanced data intelligence is the key to navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape, offering a competitive edge for operators and peace of mind for your customers.

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