Our solution

Protect and manage digital ecosystems

across any network, any device, anywhere

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Our AI-driven technology operates on the router to predict and protect broadband networks, devices and IoT. It blends machine learning, expansive language models, and device-agnostic solutions to deliver enterprise-grade cybersecurity and advanced data intelligence for telecom operators’ SMB and residential subscribers.

  • Advanced threat detection:
    AI algorithms for real-time threat identification and neutralisation, safeguarding networks against APTs, ransomware, and more
  • Targets entire cyber ecosystem:
    via gateways and routers
  • 24/7 proactive protection:
    from security vulnerabilities on any device connected to the network
  • AI crowdsourced intelligence:
    unparalleled actionable insights into the behaviour of devices within the network

We can help you understand the potential benefits to your business

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We deliver network-level security for all devices

With BlackDice, you can implement robust cybersecurity measures directly into network infrastructure, offering comprehensive protection for all connected devices.

Why us?

The majority of vended cyber solutions on the market today are designed for large-scale operators and enterprises, leaving around 90% of the market underserved. Our solutions are specially designed to address the unmet needs of telecoms operators’ SMB and residential customers.

Forget the burden of heavy upfront costs. When you choose our state-of-the-art security solutions, your capital isn't tied down. It's free to flow where it's needed most, ensuring the most robust, cost-effective and agile digital safety for your customers.

Our solutions are designed for easy integration with existing telco infrastructures, ensuring minimal disruption, high scalability and maximum efficiency - with deployment in as little as 8 weeks.

Our approach is tailor-made for growth. Pay for what you need, scale as you grow, and enjoy the freedom of a security solution that adapts to your journey.

By safeguarding networks, we help operators enhance customer trust and satisfaction, reducing churn, boosting customer loyalty and increasing ARPU.

Our AI platform constantly evolves and adapts, creating a real-time self-learning network. This way, you can leverage the power of big data analytics to gain actionable insights into network performance and threat landscapes, enhancing your decision-making and ensuring you’re equipped to face future cybersecurity challenges.

"With cyber, speed is crucial. Our clients enjoy quick, easy deployment in as little as eight weeks."

Paul Jenkins, Co-Founder and CISO