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Invest in a transformative AI-driven technology that's redefining cybersecurity across multiple global industries poised for disruption

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A standout graduate of the 2019 NCSC Cyber Accelerator Programme, we’re leading the charge in leveraging AI to reshape cyber solutions in the telecoms market, enhancing customer experiences while reducing churn and operational costs.

What we do

Our comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions is designed to protect and manage digital ecosystems across various networks, providing the most advanced data and device intelligence on the market. We partner with hardware vendors and telecom operators to provide cybersecurity solutions to their end users - who range from families to business subscribers. Blending machine learning with extensive language models and a device-agnostic approach, our solutions proactively shield broadband networks, devices and IoT from cyber threats.

Scalable security

Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Merku, Landatel, Orion Telecom, S&T, and NoOne Internet, we integrate our advanced software seamlessly into existing routers—without any restrictions on hardware—making cybersecurity an operational expense, not a capital one. This shift offers investors a glimpse into a future where cybersecurity is adaptable, agile, and accessible.

Our mission

To lead in product innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries of cyber solutions that are easy to use, accessible and available to everyone through our partners. In doing so, we’ll protect over 50 billion devices and millions of end-users globally.

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Why invest in BlackDice?

With a $2 trillion-dollar total addressable market, our approach paves the way for substantial investor returns

At present, only 10% of the market is served by traditional vended solutions - primarily direct-to-consumer offerings or solutions tailored for large enterprises and operators. This means there’s a huge gap between traditional vendor offerings and evolving customer needs. With 90% of the market ripe for disruption, it’s here that machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation present the biggest opportunity.

We're strategically positioned to address this unmet market need with our AI-powered solution and advanceddata intelligence

Beyond telecoms

Imagine tapping into the vast potential of sectors like military defence with our adaptable tech

Not just growing—pioneering

We're constructing the world's most extensive data lake on device behaviour - data services and IP rights waiting to be explored

"Investing in BlackDice means more than just backing ‘another cyber product’. It means you’re supporting a vision that brings cutting-edge, cybersecurity to a much broader market. We're shaping a future where digital security and data intelligence is an accessible, effortlessly manageable aspect of everybody's success."

Paul Hague, Founder and CEO