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[Press Release] BlackDice and Orion Telekom Collaboration Marks a Significant Leap Forward in Cybersecurity

Rachael Simpson

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LEEDS, United Kingdom, Jan. 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BlackDice Holdings Corp. (“BlackDice” or the “Company”), an emerging player in AI-powered cybersecurity for the Telecom industry joins forces with Orion Telekom, Serbia’s premier private Internet service provider to offer Orion Defend a revolutionary cybersecurity solution.


Orion Defend specifically designed for modern connected homes and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) empowers users with full control and security over every device connected to the network – from laptops and cell phones to smart appliances, cameras, doorbells and baby monitors – to give customers peace of mind.

Safeguarded by BlackDice’s advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that detect and block potential threats in real-time, Orion Defend customers can monitor their connected devices and receive instant security alerts via an intuitive mobile app. The app features device organization, instant internet pausing, and security alerts for the most advanced network security to date provided by Orion Telekom. In addition, businesses with remote workforces can schedule WiFi breaks to strengthen network protection against potential data breaches while families can balance downtime with screen time.

Says Paul Hague, CEO of BlackDice: “We are thrilled to partner with Orion Telekom and bring the power of BlackDice’s cybersecurity and device intelligence solutions to their Orion Defend product offering. By combining our expertise in network security with Orion Telekom’s cutting-edge broadband technology, customers can enjoy safe, seamless connectivity on any connected network device.”

“Partnering with industry leaders like Orion Telekom strengthens our ability to create robust and dependable platforms that empower them to succeed in their markets. We look forward to continued success with Orion and helping more service operators realize their business goals,” added Hague.

“BlackDice’s platform offers a proactive approach using threat intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing,” says Aleksandar Belanović, Head of Product at Orion Telekom. “With BlackDice’s AI technology successfully integrated into our network infrastructure, through Orion Defend we can now offer advanced enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions to current customers and reach new markets,” adds Aleksandar Belanović, Head of Product.

Other vendors that Orion considered “did not meet BlackDice’s advanced scalability, quality of service and reliability, benefits due in part to the platform’s AI capabilities,” he added.

BlackDice’s technology manages billions of devices, creating a ‘self-learning network’. This AI-powered system uses Unsupervised Learning Models deriving data directly from the network, enabling real-time threat prediction and neutralization. BlackDice’s solutions help telecom and mobile operators to protect their residential and business subscribers, from both external and internal threats, enhancing detection and reducing response times through AI.

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BlackDice is pioneering the future of AI-powered cybersecurity solutions. Its commitment to transforming cybersecurity infrastructures through advanced technology empowers people and organizations to safeguard their digital assets and information against evolving threats through comprehensive protection and enhanced security. BlackDice works with Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecom providers to deliver proactive and adaptive solutions to their customers – who range from small and medium-sized businesses to residential customers. Capable of monitoring billions of devices at one time, BlackDice’s unique platform can detect unusual patterns that signal a threat or attack is starting to build – and prevent it before it occurs. Based in Leeds, United Kingdom with European headquarters in Malaga, Spain, BlackDice serves customers and partners across the globe, providing expert guidance and support to prevent cybersecurity risks. More information at:

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