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[Press Release] BlackDice Establishes New UK Headquarters in Leeds, Capitalising on the Yorkshire City’s Thriving Tech Scene

Rachael Simpson

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[Leeds, 08 June 2023] – BlackDice, a tech start-up that develops AI-driven cybersecurity solutions for global telecoms provider consumers and SME subscribers, has opened its new UK headquarters in Leeds, solidifying its presence in the heart of a flourishing tech hub in the North of England. By setting up its UK headquarters in Leeds, BlackDice aims to tap into the city’s diverse tech ecosystem, access top-tier talent, and forge strategic partnerships that will propel the company forward.

BlackDice offers comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats, and its cybersecurity solutions have gained recognition for their unique approach toward proactive and preventative threat detection, advanced threat intelligence, and state-of-the-art encryption technologies. The company aims to “empower organisations and consumers” to safeguard their sensitive data and critical assets, ensuring a robust defence against cyber attacks.

Situated within the prestigious Leeming Building – part of Wizu Workspace’s renowned portfolio of high-quality serviced offices – BlackDice’s new headquarters will serve as a hub for the company’s technology operations, bringing together its growing workforce to provide an environment conducive to innovation and collaboration. The choice to establish a headquarters in Leeds underscores the city’s reputation as a thriving centre for technology, making it the ideal location for BlackDice to leverage its expertise and maximise its potential.

BlackDice in the Wizu Workspace Leeming Building. Photo (back) left to right: Roisin Cheetham and Lewis Nowell (Wizu Workspace), (front) left to right: Sarah Hague, Chief Operating Officer, and Annie Huntley, Office Manager (BlackDice)

With the highest concentration of tech scale-ups outside of London and a digital turnover of £3.67 billion1, Leeds has gained prominence as a magnet for tech-focused businesses, drawing upon its strong digital infrastructure, skilled workforce, and vibrant entrepreneurial community. Its emergence as a premier tech hub in the North of England has attracted a plethora of innovative companies such as Channel 4 television, NHS Digital and Sky Bet.

“We chose to establish our UK headquarters in Leeds because it’s a city that truly embodies the spirit of industrial ingenuity and technological innovation,” said Sarah Hague, Chief Operating Officer at BlackDice. “Leeds offers a fertile ground for our growth plans, with its exceptional talent pool, supportive business community, and vibrant atmosphere. We believe that our presence here will enable us to forge valuable connections, collaborate with industry leaders, and solidify our position as pioneers in AI-powered cyber security solutions.”

As BlackDice continues to expand its global footprint, the new UK headquarters in Leeds is just the latest move for the business, which established its European HQ in Malaga, Spain – another flourishing ‘tech zone’ – last month, and will play a pivotal role in building the company’s presence in the EU cyber ecosystem.

“We aim to strengthen our commitment to the Leeds city region and create high-value employment opportunities. By nurturing local talent we want to become known for our culture of innovation, diversity and inclusion, contributing to the ongoing success story of Leeds as a burgeoning tech hub. We are confident that our presence in Leeds will bring significant benefits to the local community and enable us to chart an exciting path of growth and expansion”, added Hague.

Sarah Hague, COO, BlackDice

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About Black Dice: BlackDice is a provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, empowering people and organisations to safeguard their digital assets against evolving threats through comprehensive protection and enhanced security. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, BlackDice works with telecommunications providers to deliver proactive and adaptive solutions to their customers – who range from residential users to small to medium-sized enterprises. Capable of monitoring billions of devices at one time, BlackDice’s unique platform can detect unusual patterns that signal a threat or attack is starting to build – and prevent it. Headquartered in Leeds (UK) and Malaga (Spain), BlackDice serves clients across Europe, providing expert guidance and support to mitigate cybersecurity risks.


1TechNation Report, 2018: There are 8,695 digital and tech businesses in Leeds City Region, which employ 53,000 people and create a digital turnover of £3.67 billion