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How AI-powered cybersecurity takes quality of experience to the next level

Rachael Simpson

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We understand the top challenges that telecoms operators are facing right now. You want to reduce churn, all while providing more value-added services and repeatable revenue opportunities. And today’s cybersecurity needs are evolving rapidly too, so relying solely on traditional methods is no longer sufficient.


Traditional cybersecurity approaches, like core DNS servers, static firewalls and signature-based antivirus, react to threats only after they occur. A lot like basic alarm systems that alert you only after a break-in… not very helpful.


So what’s needed now?

What’s needed now are solutions that offer continuous monitoring and proactive threat response. AI-powered cybersecurity that integrates with operator hardware is one of the most effective ways for ISPs to introduce a proactive, predictive approach that transforms how they manage their networks and enhance the quality of experience (QoE) for their subscribers.


The challenges facing ISPs

Telecom operators grapple with various challenges, including:


These hurdles are compounded by increasing customer expectations for seamless and secure online experiences. Operators are now expected to provide robust cybersecurity services as part of their standard offerings, making it crucial to innovate and adapt quickly.





What is AI-powered cybersecurity?

AI-powered cybersecurity leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse vast amounts of data in real-time. This allows for the detection of patterns and anomalies that might indicate potential threats. Unlike traditional methods that react to known threats based on predefined signatures, AI can predict and prevent new, unknown threats before they cause harm. This shift from reactive to proactive security is a game-changer for ISPs.


Enhancing QoE with AI-powered cybersecurity

Quality of experience (QoE) is a critical factor for customer satisfaction and retention. Here’s how AI-powered cybersecurity can significantly enhance QoE for ISPs:

Predictive threat detection

AI algorithms analyse vast amounts of data to identify patterns and anomalies that signal potential threats. This predictive capability allows operators to address issues before they impact users, ensuring a smoother and more secure online experience

Seamless integration

AI-powered solutions, such as those provided by BlackDice and Mercku, integrate seamlessly with existing hardware. This minimises disruption and allows for quick deployment, enhancing both operational efficiency and user satisfaction

Comprehensive network visibility

AI provides operators with a complete view of network performance, highlighting areas that need attention. This visibility helps in optimising network resources and improving service delivery, which translates to better QoE for subscribers


BlackDice and Mercku collaboration

mercku collab

We’ve collaborated with Mercku, a leading designer and manufacturer of smart Wi-fi devices, and have embedded their latest smart routers with BlackDice software.

The collaboration brings together cutting-edge AI-powered cybersecurity software and advanced router hardware, offering ISPs a powerful out-of-the-box solution to enhance their network security and QoE, through:


Why focus on AI-powered routers?

Cybersecurity is more effective when applied to the one thing that’s always on: routers. Software-powered routers provide operators with the agility, data insights, and proactive protection required to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. This keeps your network secure and the people and businesses who use it protected.


Key takeaways for ISPs


For product managers:


For commercial/CX leaders:


For CTOs and security specialists:


By embracing AI-powered cybersecurity, ISPs can not only tackle current challenges but also unlock new opportunities for growth and customer satisfaction. The combination of BlackDice’s software and Mercku’s hardware provides a robust, scalable solution that meets the evolving needs of telecoms operators and their diverse subscriber base.


Ready to transform your network security and QoE?

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