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How cyber data fuels a flawless quality of experience

Rachael Simpson

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Ahead of Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona (February 26-29), we sat down with Mark O’Neill, our CTO, to delve into a fascinating connection: the link between enhanced Quality of Experience (QoE) and cyber defence data.


Q: Mark, let’s talk about cyber data and QoE. How are they connected?

Mark: Most see cyber data as purely security-focused, but it holds incredible potential for optimising user experience too. Think of it this way: cyber data serves as a window into the inner workings of your network and devices. By analysing it, we can uncover issues causing poor QoE before they manifest—as frustrating buffering or sluggish connections.

Q: That’s intriguing. Can you elaborate on how cyber data helps predict and prevent QoE problems?

Mark: Absolutely. Cyber data reveals a wealth of information. It can tell us if devices are behaving abnormally, potentially straining network resources and impacting performance. It can also flag impending cyberattacks, which inevitably disrupt connectivity. But the real magic lies in prediction. By analysing historical data and user behaviour, we can detect patterns that might lead to future QoE issues, allowing us to intervene before they happen.

Q: So, can cyber data predict QoE?

Mark: Not quite, but certainly proactive problem-solving! Imagine predicting a surge in traffic based on a specific online event. We can optimise the network beforehand, ensuring everyone enjoys a smooth experience. Or, picture identifying vulnerable devices before they get exploited, preventing potential service disruptions. It’s all about using cyber data to anticipate and mitigate issues before they impact users.

Q: This sounds significant. Why is this conversation happening now, especially at MWC 2024?

Mark: Mobile World Congress is a hub for innovation, and edge computing takes centre stage this year. This decentralised approach aligns perfectly with our vision of leveraging AI and device intelligence for QoE optimisation. By analysing data at the network edge, we gain real-time insights, enabling immediate action and personalised QoE improvement for individual users.

Q: What are your key takeaways for everyone reading this, and those attending MWC?

Mark: Remember, cyber data isn’t just about defence; it’s a gateway to a better online experience. By harnessing its power, we can anticipate problems, optimise networks, and ultimately, create a seamless and enjoyable online world for everyone. At MWC, we’ll explore how this data-driven approach can revolutionise user experience and usher in a new era of connected satisfaction.

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