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Harnessing a $2 Trillion Cybersecurity Market Opportunity

Rachael Simpson

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A recent McKinsey report has uncovered a vast $2 trillion market opportunity for cybersecurity technology and service providers. This finding highlights the increasing proliferation of cyberattacks and the subsequent growing demand for advanced cybersecurity solutions.

Key Insights from the McKinsey Report:

Escalating Cyber Threats: Cyberattacks are predicted to cause about $10.5 trillion in damages annually by 2025, a 300% increase from 2015.

Market Under Penetration: Currently, the penetration of security solutions is around 10%, indicating a massive $1.5 to $2.0 trillion addressable market yet to be tapped.

Need for Modernisation: The existing cybersecurity solutions are not fully meeting customer demands, especially in automation, pricing, and service complexity.

As an emerging player in the cybersecurity space, BlackDice is strategically positioned to leverage this opportunity. Our focus on AI and ML-driven solutions aligns with the market’s shift towards innovative, efficient cybersecurity technologies.”

Paul Hague, CEO, BlackDice

Future Outlook

As the market continues to grow, with a 12.4% annual increase off a base of approximately $150 billion in 2021, BlackDice’s goals are to:

The current market conditions present a unique moment for innovation in the cybersecurity industry. BlackDice is poised to seize this opportunity, delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market and bridging the gap in current cybersecurity vendor offerings.

Read the full McKinsey report here.