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Network edge: the key to cybersecurity’s future

Rachael Simpson

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Ahead of our participation at Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona (February 26-29), we sat down with our CEO, Paul Hague, for an exclusive interview. Here, Paul sheds light on a growing trend: the rise of router-based AI-powered cybersecurity and why it’s poised to reshape the industry.



Q: Hi Paul, let’s get straight to it. We’re used to thinking of core DNS for network security. Why this sudden shift towards routers?

Paul: It’s true, core DNS plays a crucial role, but it has limitations. It’s like a security guard focused on one entrance, checking IDs but missing the bigger picture. Routers, on the other hand, offer a panoramic view. Imagine these guards equipped with thermal scanners, night vision, and real-time threat intelligence. That’s the power of AI-powered software on routers.

Q: Sounds impressive. But wouldn’t this raise data privacy concerns?

Paul: Absolutely. Data privacy is paramount. But with proper anonymisation and user consent, the network information streamed from routers provides a real-time feedback loop that can continuously power our AI. It empowers proactive threat detection, optimises performance, and ultimately, creates a more secure and enjoyable online experience.

Q: You mentioned user experience (QoE). How do routers factor into that?

Paul: Traditional security solutions can sometimes create bottlenecks, impacting QoE. Router-based security identifies and addresses these issues, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted connections. No more buffering or lag!

Q: This is all very timely, considering the upcoming Mobile World Congress. Why address this topic now?

Paul: Mobile World Congress is a hub for innovation, and the focus on edge computing aligns perfectly with the rise of router-based security. It’s crucial for telecom operators to understand the potential of this shift and embrace AI-powered solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

Q: What are your key takeaways for everyone reading this blog, especially those attending MWC in Barcelona next week?

Paul: By harnessing the power of AI and the network edge, we can create a safer, more secure, and ultimately, more satisfying online world for everyone. At Mobile World Congress, I encourage everyone to visit our booth, chat with our team, watch our live demos – and most importantly, understand why AI and data intelligence is so beneficial for operators and consumers alike.

Join BlackDice at Mobile World Congress 2024 (Booth #7A15, Hall 7) and experience our cutting-edge AI-powered router-based solutions with advanced data intelligence.

P.S. Stay tuned for more exclusive interviews, videos and insights from #TeamBlackDice throughout the event!