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[Press Release] BlackDice and Landatel Partner to Bring AI-Powered Cybersecurity Solutions to Small Businesses

Rachael Simpson

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LEEDS, UK – October 24, 2023 – BlackDice Holdings Corp., an emerging player in AI-powered cybersecurity for the Telecom industry, has partnered with Landatel, a leading provider of telecommunications networks solutions in more than 70 countries. The new partnership will strengthen Landatel’s Data General, their new network security brand, offering strong security safeguards to small businesses amidst the rising tide of cyber threats.

Data General will embed BlackDice’s cybersecurity solution into its routers and deploy Retina, BlackDice’s operator insight technology, which provides industry-leading analytics to operators across thousands of data points to understand activity, configuration and behavior. Retina, BlackDice’s proprietary technology evolves alongside threats, capturing and correlating data simultaneously across devices and networks.

Paul Hague, CEO and Founder of BlackDice, said, “The partnership with Landatel Communications is a tremendous endorsement of BlackDice’s cybersecurity solutions. It marks a pivotal milestone in our strategic roadmap positioning us for further growth, as we continue to secure partnerships with key industry players to deliver solutions that address the pressing cybersecurity challenges confronting small businesses. We’re living in a digital age where over 560,000 new pieces of malware emerge every day. This alarming statistic underscores the urgency for robust cybersecurity measures, especially for businesses that are now heavily reliant on online operations and hybrid work settings.”

Recent data reveals that a staggering 75% of cyberattacks target routers, leaving 1.3 billion broadband routers worldwide vulnerable to attacks due to minimal security measures. By 2025, the anticipated surge of 27 billion IoT devices will pose further vulnerabilities to small business networks, especially in a hybrid work setting, and further highlights the need for robust network security.

In response to this imminent challenge, the new partnership offers businesses a “fortified digital defense”, said Manuel Arroyo, CEO of Landatel Communications, adding: “This collaboration will equip Landatel’s Data General security gateways with state-of-the-art AI and ML technologies to anticipate and counter cyber threats, ensuring optimal protection for Europe’s growing small businesses. With the integration of BlackDice’s advanced network security, we can ensure a seamless, safe, and stress-free online experience for our customers.”

BlackDice’s technology excels in this domain; capable of managing billions of devices, creating a ‘self-learning network’. The AI-powered system uses Unsupervised Learning Models deriving data directly from the network, enabling real-time threat prediction and neutralization. BlackDice’s unique value proposition lies in its BlackDice Agent – a bridge between the network edge and cloud services, designed to function seamlessly on both existing low-powered routers and the latest state-of-the-art hardware. The Agent is built to operate efficiently, even on low powered single-core CPUs found in many residential and business broadband gateways. Data from these devices is channeled into BlackDice’s machine learning platform, offering actionable intelligence to block threats and address vulnerabilities.

About BlackDice Holdings Corp.
BlackDice is pioneering the future of AI-powered cybersecurity solutions. Its commitment to transforming cybersecurity infrastructures through advanced technology empowers people and organizations to safeguard their digital assets and information against evolving threats through comprehensive protection and enhanced security. BlackDice works with Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecom providers to deliver proactive and adaptive solutions to their customers – who range from small and medium-sized businesses to residential customers. Capable of monitoring billions of devices at one time, BlackDice’s unique platform can detect unusual patterns that signal a threat or attack is starting to build – and prevent it before it occurs. Based in Leeds, United Kingdom with European headquarters in Malaga, Spain, BlackDice serves customers and partners across the globe, providing expert guidance and support to prevent cybersecurity risks. More information at:

About Landatel
Landatel is a global supplier of telecommunications and networks solutions in more than 70 countries. Founded in Madrid in 2001, the company has offices in Spain and Mexico and provides technology to service providers and IT companies, including added value services covering support, custom integration and training. Landatel represents leading brands such as Aruba, Ubiquiti, Ruijie, Mikrotik, Mercku, Hikvision, Milesight and TP-Link. The company is launching its new networking brand ‘Data General’, providing secure networks to small and medium business where the cybersecurity component is essential. More information at: